3 Tips that Rescue You from the Guilt of Your Past and the Pressure of Your Future

By Kristen Howe

Just like so many other people I had great plans when I started out. I dreamed about a life of success, passion and love and I wanted to help others achieve the same. And I accomplished a lot of what I set out to do, including some things I never planned on. I travelled the world, performed on stage and in movies, I trained dogs and was in charge of sales teams, and I found my calling to work as a coach. But these accomplishments did not come easy and were often accompanied by obstacles, failures and setbacks, and I started to wonder whether there wasn’t an easier way to do this.

Over the years, I’ve watched too many people ready to throw in the towel and settle for less because they felt it was just too hard to go on. They ended up resigning themselves to the thought that it was only dreams they had been chasing and that they were just fine. They settled for what they had, and yet there was this nagging feeling inside of them that there was “more” to life than they experienced. They just could not figure out what the problem was.

For years, I lived with those same ups and downs, until one day, I realized what the problem was: Most people (including ME) spend the majority of their lives wondering about the past and worrying about the future.

Did you know that a freaky phenomenon in human nature is responsible for most barriers in our lives?  The things we focus on are the very things we attract into our lives, and 99% of us focus on what we don’t want. We have a habit of reminding ourselves of the past and of all our feelings of pain and guilt, then we pile on top of that our stress and insecurities and build a giant scary vision of a worrisome future. This is our adult version of what I call the “monster in the closet” syndrome.

Did you know that its’ not money, nor lack of knowledge or resources but fear, procrastination and resistance that are the three main obstacles that prevent you from moving forward? And to make it even worse, these stumbling blocks are nearly impossible to overcome if you don’t understand their origin? It’s your unconscious mind that’s playing games with you.  Its job is to constantly remind you in ways you don’t even realize, using your experiences from the past and the beliefs these experiences have created against you. Like a soldier guarding a palace. Your unconscious can guard against your desires.

Did you know that by simply switching into a different state of mind you could eliminate these struggles? Unfortunately, while switching sounds like a simple task, it is not. It’s like telling someone to “Stop thinking for a minute.” Did you ever try that? Impossible, right? But controlling your thoughts, by staying in the “NOW” is entirely possible, and it doesn’t take a lengthy training course, any complicated meditations or a session with a psychotherapist.

I don’t want this to become more ‘work’ so I’ve created 3 quick tips to jog you out of your sticking point and place you back on the path you WANT to travel.  But I have to warn you: Reading this tips are NOT enough. They are quick and easy reminders, so read them and then USE them.

IF you don’t use these 3 tips –
You’re literally locking up your potential and
throwing away the key

Tip #1: Take Off the Blinders

We are all longing for a sense of order and predictability in our lives. We want to feel a sense of power over our world, and yet we always turn to the outside world, when the biggest power is available right here, within ourselves.

Forget about the past and the future, the only truth is right now, in this very moment. The source of everything is within you – you don’t need to rely on anything or anybody else, including me! It’s time to take off the blinders and truly recognize that there is no “higher power” but your own.  This is the first and most important step toward freedom…